2014 – Learning from each other

In 2014 our workshops will be focused on discussions between people who have chosen renewable and alternative energy products and those who are thinking about it or may have questions. Exchanging ideas and hearing about successes and failures can help others make intelligent choices that fit their budget, their goals and their lifestyle.

Saturday, Sept 13, 2-4pm, Living Off the Grid, at Energy Emporium

Living off-grid (with no connection to the electric utility company) used to be only for the get-away cabin in the woods. Today there are many families and individuals who have chosen to live off-grid full time and are quite comfortable with the lifestyle. Hear from some of these home-owners, as well as others who are home-steading, reducing their fossil fuels, or finding other ways to live more sustainably with our environment. Bring your questions and thoughts to share as well. RSVP not required.

78 Main St, Enfield, NH 03748; Call or write for more info: 603-632-1263, kim (at)

Notes from this workshop can be found here: Living Off the Grid

Saturday, May 3, 2-4pm, Fossil Fuel Independence

This workshop discussion is to help understand a little bit about how home heating, hot water and electric systems work today and what are some alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. Come ask your questions about solar electricity, solar hot water, wood, pellets, air-to-air heat pumps, and ground source heat pumps (geothermal). One solution does NOT fit all homeowners … become informed so you can make the best choice for your home and to meet your goals.

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2013 Workshops

Feb 17th: Living Off-Grid.

We invited people who are living off-grid or who are interested in what it really means to live off-grid and got a chance to hear about some great projects and issues in living without grid power.

May 5th: Alternative Energy Choices.

We invited people to present on solar, geothermal, wood, financing and insuring renewable energy systems. There were lots of good questions on different options, technologies, return on investment, and how to choose.

July 28th: Do It Yourself, Solar Hot Water.

Many people are working on their own projects for creating batch water heaters, solar thermal collectors, and solar hot air collectors. Tim Brownell brought in his solar hot water collector that he has been perfecting over the years and described what he has done and some of the lessons he has learned (Thanks, Tim!!).

Comments, ideas, thoughts are welcome!

The presentation below was from a talk with high school students about solar electricity and solar heated water.

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