Solarizing Close to Home

We are very excited here at Energy Emporium to have won the bid to Solarize Lebanon and Enfield!

This is our home town and we want to work with our neighbors and friends to provide information, installations, and on-going maintenance for those who are ready to take those steps. We have been working with the Solarize Hanover program over the last 6 months and are very excited to add Enfield and Lebanon to this program!

Long, Cold Winter Blues

It’s been one of the coldest, snowiest winters that I can recall. Despite all of that downright balmy-for-February weather they prattled on about during the Super Bowl, it’s yet another cold day here in the northeast.


Solar Finances 101



A few weeks ago I wrote about investment planning in today’s economy and how a renewable energy system might be your best investment. This blog is a follow up to provide the numbers to back up that claim.

Let’s start off with an example of a home-owner and his 400kWh/month electric bill. [To put this in perspective, check out your own most recent electric bill – see Electrical Audit for more info].

Rebates – Get them while you can!

Solar Electric System

Solar Electric System

I started the Energy Emporium just about 3 years ago and I find I have to devote a good number of hours every month to keeping up with the changes in financial incentives. I know it must be difficult for home-owners or people who are not working in this industry. One of the reasons I started this business, was to be able to provide up-to-date information on products, pricing, permitting and incentives for renewable products.

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised at gross fluctuations in renewable incentives when we look at the harsh political atmosphere and the poor economy today … we can’t decide if we should be boosting the green industry to help create jobs or shutting down as many federal and state programs as possible to reduce the deficit.

Investment Planning

Solar PV System

Solar PV System

It seems to me that traditional investment planning is getting some serious scrutiny today. Many of us grew up believing that you put money in the bank to make interest, that a home was a really good investment, and that the stock market would always have its ups and downs in the short term, but in the long term it was heading up.

At the same time we are also learning more about what fossil fuels do to our ozone, what a “finite resource” really means, and that we need to be prepared for extreme weather including deadly tornandos, hurricanes, and sunamis.

One solution (and not just mine) — an investment in a renewable energy system for your home. A renewable system can provide some self-sustainability for your family if a local disaster hits; the value of renewable energy will increase over time as governments and economies invest in it; the value of your home will increase if it relies less on fossil fuels.

A solar hot water or electric system today can provide at least a 5%-10% return on your investment. Depending on state rebate program, it can be significantly higher than that.

What is your investment strategy for the new millennium?