Do I Need a Solar Maintenance Plan?


Proper maintenance ensures that your solar system life is preserved for as long as possible and the original conditions of the system are sustained, while compensating for normal wear and tear. It’s an investment that easily pays for itself by:

Ensuring all components are working  properly
Identifying and resolving potential  problems
Extending the life of your system
Maximizing your energy cost savings

Regular, preventative maintenance is the best way to guarantee peak performance. We can create a custom service plan for owners of multiple systems. We are happy to provide service or maintenance for systems not on an Energy Emporium service plan. Owners who have elected a service plan will get discounted labor for repairs, free service calls if there is a problem, and priority scheduling.

With proper care and maintenance, your Solar PV system can provide decades of electricity to your house. The main components will include solar modules or panels, inverter(s), mounting systems, and disconnects.

Battery back up systems or off-grid systems require maintenance specific to the type of batteries and controllers involved. Part of the maintenance performed is cable inspection, cleaning, test functionality and by-pass switches.

Solar hot water systems should be inspected every year. The main components of the system include solar collectors, storage tank, pumping station, controller, shut off valves and temperature probes.

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