Energy Emporium provides design, sales, installation and maintenance for renewable energy systems including solar hot water, solar electric, wood/pellet boilers and combination systems that provide heat, hot water or electricity for your home or small business.

Most projects start with a site visit.

Site Visit

During a site visit, we look at the building’s energy usage: hot water, heating and electricity. We look for patterns or seasonal changes and the costs associated with the energy systems today.

Next we measure the specific insolence (the delivery rate of solar radiation) on the roof or yard nearby. We look at the position of your home, shading from nearby trees, and any other factors that influence how much solar energy the building and property receives.

We discuss all the possibilities for charting a path toward lower fossil fuel usage.

If you are looking to buy a home with renewable energy or to sell one, we can provide a site visit to help determine the production capability of the system or do a shading analysis of the site. 

Energy Audits

We work with BPI auditors who can provide a full energy audit of your home or business. This audit includes a blower door test and a view of your building with an infrared camera to find air infiltration and areas where the insulation is weak. A full audit generally takes four hours (or longer).

We can also provide an electrical energy audit, to determine where most of the electrical energy is being used in your home. This audit generally takes two hours and allows us to test the energy use of all of your appliances and monitor the instantaneous power draw from the whole house. If you’ve noticed a recent increase in your electric bill or find that you use more than the average New England resident (about 600kWh/month), an electrical energy audit can help you determine where your electrical energy is going.

Design Services

Most home and small business requirements for renewable energy have unique elements and don’t fit the same template. During the site visit we listened to your goals, then we work with many product ideas and vendors to design a system for your building or property. This includes grid-tie solar PV systems, grid-tie with battery backup, off-grid solar, solar hot water, combination solar hot water with house heating, solar heating, or combination solar/wood house heating systems.

Every building starts with a different configuration of energy systems. Even with new construction there isn’t one solution that fits every building’s needs. We start with your requirements or current systems and help you take steps towards your energy goals.

Installation Services

We work with the best electricians, plumbers, roofers, and construction crews in the Upper Valley to provide a high quality installation. All of your project dollars are going into the local economy. We guaranty the workmanship of our employees and sub-contractors for 5 years.

Maintenance Plans

We offer maintenance plans to ensure that your renewable energy system will continue to work efficiently to save you money. A typical solar hot water maintenance plan will include:

  • Check solar loop pressure and temperatures
  • Check solar storage temperatures
  • Check freeze point and pH of the solar fluid
  • Visual inspection of collectors
  • Review controller settings, look for inefficiencies

Resource Center and Product Sales

Energy Emporium is housed in a zero net-energy building. All of the heating, hot water, and electricity come from the sun. There are no fossil fuels or combustion in the house. We have collected resources from books and magazines to individual stories of off-grid living, electric vehicle usage, and latest information on SolarFest so we can be a resource center for you.

We also have products for sale including small solar panels, charge controllers, breakers, fuses, batteries and accessories, solar hot water controllers, pumps, energy monitoring devices, composters and accessories. We work with many different distributors and vendors and can order the right products for you to reduce fossil fuel use and be a good steward of the earth.


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