Renewable Energy in the 21st Century


The sun produces both heat and light (and is expected to continue to do so for a really long time). Over many decades we have learned how to harness the sun’s energy to help heat our homes and to provide electricity. Similarly we have learned to harness the energy of wind and water to produce electricity.

These forms of renewable energy will make up the majority of our energy sources in the next few decades as we turn away from fossil fuels. Beside the benefit of a cleaner environment for living, these energy sources are not owned by an industry – but available to all of us to use.  More and more people are exploring what it means to create and manage some or all of their own energy needs.

At Energy Emporium we would like to help you understand your current energy usage and explore the options for using solar, wind, water, and local, renewably harvested wood to provide your own energy locally.

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