A Two-Part Equation To A Warmer House

Having an high-efficiency heat source for your home is a major factor to ensure your home stays toasty warm in the winter, while also keeping your pockets full. Inefficient boilers and furnaces that have multiple decades of age on them could very well be the reason it’s so expensive to heat your home throughout the cold months. Considering a much more efficient system will save you money in the long run, improve your comfort at home, and waste less energy.

The Future of Driving

It is being said in some places that America’s love affair with the automobile is over. The data shows that since 2006, Americans are driving less – much less. But I think American’s love affair with the fossil fuel car is over. The affair with electric cars – the e-car – is just starting.

Heat Pumps 101

Mini-split, heat pumps, heat + AC

Mini-split, heat + AC

I had a discussion with a friend today about air conditioning and heat pumps. This is not an easy technology to understand or to explain, as I found out. So I’d like to see if I can simplify it.

Heat Pumps Provide Cooling

There are basically two ways to get cool air — 1) move air across a cool surface, or 2) take the heat out of the air.

My Electric Bill, Part 2

LEDIn part one I mainly talked about how I don’t use any electrical space heaters and rarely use my dryer.  In part two I would like to focus on more of the little things that I do that all add up to save money on my electric bill.

When it comes to personal entertainment I have greatly downsized.  In lieu of a large stereo I have small dock for my iPod.  I also don’t have a television or cable, instead I stream sports and movies on my laptop.