Ground Source Heat Pumps

A few weeks back we had a very interesting workshop discussion that included the opportunity to hear from two home-owners with ground source heat pumps, also known as a geothermal system.

The basic idea is that the earth’s temperature anywhere below about 6 feet is a fairly constant at around 50F. It doesn’t matter if the outside temperature is 0F or 90F, the ground and the ground water temperature will be about 50F.

Long, Cold Winter Blues

It’s been one of the coldest, snowiest winters that I can recall. Despite all of that downright balmy-for-February weather they prattled on about during the Super Bowl, it’s yet another cold day here in the northeast.


78 Main St – 2 years later, Insulation

78 Main St

78 Main St

I love my house. It’s comfortable. It’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I continually look for ways to improve the energy systems, the windows (the least efficient part of my house), the heat distribution, but for the most part, the house functions really well and costs me very little or no money to run.

Irene Revisited

floodingThe damage caused by Hurricane Irene brought the threat of flooding to the forefront of everyone’s mind in the state of Vermont.  The eight inches of rain that fell on August 28th of 2011 caused over 700 million dollars in damaging and left 6 people dead