Energy Emporium Joins Forces with ReVision Energy!

energy emporium net zero facility in enfield new hampshire

Energy Emporium’s offices in Enfield, New Hampshire aren’t going anywhere… in fact, they will serve as the Upper Valley hub for ReVision Energy

Energy Emporium Customers and Friends,

After 10 years of design, installation and maintenance of renewable systems in the Upper Valley, we are very excited to announce our merger with ReVision Energy!

ReVision and Energy Emporium share a goal to help homeowners and small business owners reduce or eliminate their fossil fuels. ReVision Energy was founded in 2003 and grew from two founders in a garage to a 250-plus employee-owned company headquartered in Liberty, Maine, with additional offices in Portland, Maine, North Andover, Massachusetts, and Brentwood, New Hampshire. ReVision has been the #1 ranked solar installer in New England for the past two years, and to date has installed more than 8,000 clean energy systems. ReVision is a certified B Corp, which focuses on people, planet and profit.

Energy Emporium will become the Upper Valley offices for ReVision Energy and all of us will become employee co-owners of ReVision Energy. With this merger, our existing customers and clients, as well as future customers, are assured of continued excellent long-term support for their investments in solar and renewable energy. By merging our resources we can now offer a more diversified set of products to support and complement renewable energy design and installation, such as storage batteries, cold climate heat pumps, EV chargers, and more.

We are excited about this opportunity and would be happy to answer any questions you have… We will continue to help you chart a path towards a renewable energy future so we can all get out and enjoy the sun!

– Kim Quirk

Zero net Energy Buildings

Building America Solution Center promotional image
Often a homeowner walks into Energy Emporium who is just starting their plans for building a new house. They are doing their research and want to make sure they are siting the home for the best solar access. They are usually thinking about the energy efficiency and they hope to keep the operational costs of living in the home down as much as possible.

Solar Powered Bolt

Solar Powered Bolt

I have been anxiously awaiting the day when I could both afford and justify an all electric vehicle. So, I was very excited when our second household car came to the end of its life very soon after the Chevy Bolt had recently begun shipping. What timing!

First on the affordability – Tesla has been the only electric vehicle that had a decent size battery that you can use for more than just going to the local grocery store and back. But their cars have generally been upwards of $60,000 to purchase.

Solar Snow Anxiety

Snowed in solar

If you have a solar PV (electric) system and have just been through the deep freeze of many days back to back below 0F degrees — then you may be experiencing ‘solar snow anxiety’.

I define ‘solar snow anxiety’ as the unsettling concern that you need to remove the snow on your solar panels the minute the storm stops. The worry is that you will be missing some important kilowatt hours of energy once the sun comes back out.

Can I make a difference?

Government PolicyFor many years I was told that if I don’t like a bill or policy that is being discussed at the federal level or at the state level, that it is important for me to call or write my representatives to make my voice heard.

For the most part I have shied away this advice because I’m really not interested in politics. I don’t understand how the system works, I don’t like that money seems to be able to buy votes or sway politicians, and I don’t like all the money that goes into lobbyists and Political Action Committees.