Hybrid and Plugged In

2002Prius, hybrid car

2002 Toyota Prius

I finally gave in to the fact that my 2002 Prius (gen1) was reaching the end of its life. It served me very well for the last 12 years. At 190,000 miles I was still able to get between 38 and 45 miles/gallon. It still had its original batteries and I never had a major maintenance problem.

But the car was too small to be my only vehicle for business, and it was having a little trouble starting up the gas engine in sub-0F temperatures.

Climate Change – What Can I do?

Climate change is happening and it will have a major effect on the lives of our grandchildren as well as disrupting just about everything. They may not be able to enjoy the Earth as we have enjoyed it. So, you may ask, “But what can I personally do?”
meatThis is a legitimate question as we all think that its cars, power plants and airplanes that cause all the problem. But, the answer may lie closer to home than we think. Data shows that 51% or more of climate change is caused by animal agriculture – the raising of meat animals for food.

Weatherize Your Windows

Infrared Image of 78 Main St

Infrared Image of 78 Main St

As Garrett mentioned in last week’s blog, windows can be a big source of heat loss for many homes.

The picture is an infrared (IR) image of the back of my house (and Energy Emporium), 78 Main St. The dark colors represent colder temperatures, orange is warmer, and yellow represents the warmest parts of the image. This building has been super-insulated (click on 78 Main St Renovation to get some details), but you can still see where the most heat is being lost — through the windows.

A Two-Part Equation To A Warmer House

Having an high-efficiency heat source for your home is a major factor to ensure your home stays toasty warm in the winter, while also keeping your pockets full. Inefficient boilers and furnaces that have multiple decades of age on them could very well be the reason it’s so expensive to heat your home throughout the cold months. Considering a much more efficient system will save you money in the long run, improve your comfort at home, and waste less energy.

The Future of Driving

It is being said in some places that America’s love affair with the automobile is over. The data shows that since 2006, Americans are driving less – much less. But I think American’s love affair with the fossil fuel car is over. The affair with electric cars – the e-car – is just starting.