Wood, Electric, and Propane! Oh My!!

I live in a 1000 square foot house which has three different means of heating: wood, propane, and electric. I currently heat the house primarily with the wood stove and use the electric as backup source. I think the advantage of using the electric as back up is that I can set it to a much lower temperature than my propane wall heater and I can keep it on only in locations where I am concerned about pipes freezing. I’m not 100% it wouldn’t be better to use the propane as back up but that’s a topic for another post.

Net Metering; Past, Present, and Future

Up until about 2 weeks ago customers of Liberty Utilities, who wished to install a solar PV system, were allowed to “net-meter” their production.  Net metering is a policy that allows homeowners to receive credits for excess power generation that can be used to offset electric energy provided by the utility during a billing period, typically one month.

Irene Revisited

floodingThe damage caused by Hurricane Irene brought the threat of flooding to the forefront of everyone’s mind in the state of Vermont.  The eight inches of rain that fell on August 28th of 2011 caused over 700 million dollars in damaging and left 6 people dead

Climate Change and Our Economy

peepersPerhaps the most visible impact of global climate change in New England has been the increased concern over tropical storms and hurricanes.  Hurricanes Irene and Sandy are two recent examples of how northern parts of the country are being increasingly affected.  An often overlooked impact of climate change is how it affects New Hampshire’s tourist driven economy.