Why Net Metering Supports the Grid

The future of interconnection of solar arrays to the utility grid in NH, net metering, is being taken up by the State Legislature this session. As the Utilities have met their minimum (“solar cap”) and are not required to allow interconnection of solar arrays to the grid, the natural question of what is next for solar automatically arises.   

First it is important to understand why we need the grid. The power grid provides electricity to many customers across a large region.  The grid has the ability to

Vital Communities – Solarize the Upper Valley

Vital Communities, Solarize Upper Valley has been helping home owners and businesses solarize.  Their goal is to increase the use of photovoltaic (PV) across our region.  They negotiated rates and award contracts to solar installers for the best possible outcome for the homeowner or business. Round One resulted in120 homes go solar and generated 640 kilowatts of power for the upper valley reducing carbon emissions by 552 metric tons.