The Energy Emporium (online) and the Enfield Energy Emporium (retail store and showroom) provide information and product ideas to help people choose cleaner, greener products that can save money and reduce the impact to our environment. We serve the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont.

Our mission at Energy Emporium is to help home owners and business owners reduce or eliminate their fossil fuels, save money, move towards energy independence, and help create a healthier environment.


Kimberley Smith Quirk

Kim-QuirkKim began her own journey toward fossil fuel independence in 2003, with the purchase of a second-hand early generation Prius. It was one powerful step toward fossil-fuel independence that led to countless other steps. She went on to renovate an old building to a zero energy building which she currently lives in and is a showcase and Renewable Resource Center for visitors of the Energy Emporium.


Kim earned a Masters degree at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College with a concentration in electrical engineering and has held various engineering and management positions since then. Kim specializes in design, installations, and customer support. She is particularly adept at measuring systems and optimizing energy efficiency in solar electric, solar thermal, combination, and off-grid systems.

She earned NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification in 2012 and NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification in 2014.

Contact: kim@energyemp.com


Bryan Muenzer

Bryan-MuenzerKim brought Bryan in as an intern just as he was completing a degree in Natural Resource Management at Granite State College. When the internship was over, Bryan decided to stay on as an employee. Passionate about environmental efficiency and knowledgeable about solar energy, Bryan provides support in sales, service, and installation at the Energy Emporium. Bryan offers tours of the zero energy building and schedules and attends site visits to assess solar potential and to discuss energy goals. He is the organizing force behind each project, scheduling appointments and filling out the paperwork for state rebates, and interconnect agreements, so that you don’t have to.

Contact: bryan@energyemp.com



Anita Gonzalez

Anita-GonzalezAnita, joined Energy Emporium toward the end of 2014.  She has a keen interest in helping people find ways to increase their use of green energy and committed to ensuring that clients are pleased with their own ability to reduce use of fossil fuels.  Anita brings an extensive background in retail management coupled with educational background in science.  At Energy Emporium Anita uses her organization and collaborative skills to help in the office.  Her personal goal is help create a sustainable lifestyle and preserve the environment.

Contact: ag.energyemp@gmail.com


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